Menu for Tuesday and Wednesday Pick-up

Healthy Food starts here ...

Every Tuesday and Wednesday I prepare healthy gourmet meals ready to pickup at my house (Fairfield, Sasco Hill area). Meals are different every week and easy to reheat.
All meals are prepared from scratch in the morning of your pickup day and everything is cooked with fresh, tasty local and organic ingredients to make sure your receive delicious, nutritious and healthy. 
I never use transfat, frozen ingredients or processed food.

Each portion comes usually with one side of fresh vegetables (or fresh fruits) and one side of starch.

- Check out the menu below and email me with your selection (at ) by Saturday evening (for pickup the following week).
- Pick-up is either on Tuesday and/or Wednesday in Fairfield, CT (Sasco Beach Area) after 5pm.
- Please note I require a minimum of  2 portions/meal/order (genereous aldult portions).

PICK UP ON TUESDAY 10/17/2017 + WEDNESDAY 10/18/2017 
(see Details & Pricing below*)

Meal #1
Veal* Stew Osso Bucco Style (in white Wine & Tomato Sauce) - (*Chicken Thights optional)
with assorted Vegetables : Leeks, Carrots, Tomatoes etc ...
Homemade mashed Potatoes with Parmesan

Chinese Salmon Rice Noodle Salad (Spinach, Arugula, Peppers, Corn, Spring Onions ...)
Mediterranean rosated Vegetable Soup with Feta 

Meal #3
Terriaki Chicken Skewers
Crunchy raosted Brocolis and Brussel Sprouts
Organic French Lentils and wild Grains Mix


(*) Pricing (2 portions minimum/order required) :
2 adults portions  : $25/portion/meal *
4 adults portions (of the same meal) : $22/portion/meal *
(*)Price doesnt include the +6.35% CT tax.

I offer gift certificates : ask today for your private quote!
Email me if you have any question or any special requirement at

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