Meet Chef Emilie Roy

"Cooking is an Art and I am cooking every single day with Love & Passion".

My Love for Food started in Burgundy (France) when I was just a little girl. All day long I was smelling and tasting the best of French Cuisine in my favorite happy place : my Dad's kitchen. 
Each time my Dad was in the kitchen, I was "on his back" watching, smelling, tasting everything he made ... "Dad why do you add Sugar in your Carrots ? Why do you add Salt before beating your Egg Whites ? Why do you put Chocolate in your Beef Burgundy ? How do you make Mayonnaise ? Why, how, why and how .... ? 

I was so curious and interested into cooking or baking that I grew up always close to the kitchen. 

Years later, I graduated in Mathematics & Economics and got a job in Paris. It's where my love for food became a real Passion for Food. 
Cooking for friends or family was fun but I wanted to move to the next step and to develop new cooking skills.
So I took some cooking classes where I learned new techniques: how to bake, to grill, to poach, to roast, to blanch, to sear, how to make Sauces, Dressings, Marinades etc etc ....  
And I am so glad that I had the chance to learn how to make those tricky addicitive yummy French Macarons !!

But the most important thing I learned during those classes is how a better nutrition can imporove your overall health and body. I realised the necessity of fueling your body the right way, with eating healthy food.
"Cooking healthy to be healthy" became a daily routine (with a little bit of exercise for those special days you indulged yourself with a delicious Butter Croissant, or with some Baguette & Cheese, or with a few extra French Macarons ...) 

In 2008 my husband got a job in Wilton, CT and we decided to move to Connecticut. Leaving my family at 30 years old was a tough choice but I never regretted this decision. It was our American Dream for years so we couldn't resist to make this dream comes true! 

During my 2 first years in Fairfield, CT, I learned English and immersed myself in the US culture.
It did'nt took me long to realize how French and American Culture are so different when it comes to Food : the way people eat, what people eat, how people eat, where people eat ... yes, so many differences but we all have one thing in common : we all love eating !!!

So I decided to take the chance to share my Love & Passion for Food by offering people the opportunity to learn all the secrets of French Cuisine : "Emilie your French Chef" was born in 2011 ... 

During the first 7 years, I organized a lot of dinners at people's house, I catered a lot of parties, I cooked weekly for few families but I decided now to focus on Cooking Classes. Here is why: 
- I want to teach people how to make some easy, tasty and healthy recipes.
- I want to help people to be more confident in the kitchen.
- I want to prove people that cooking can be fun (a glass of wine makes the experience even more fun!)
- I want people to be able to enjoy an homemade meal every single night at home.
- I want to teach people how it's important to offer our kids heatlhy etaing habits. 

I think we should all have a good reason to spend more time in the kitchen ... if you think so too, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be more than happy to meet with you and to offer you a fun cooking experience, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere (I promise I won't be judging your knife skills cheeky !!!)

I can't wait to meet with you & Bon App├ętit !
Emilie Roy, your French Chef

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